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Black Stainless Steel CB10 Coating

Surface Bonding

Our black stainless steel coating, known as CB10 or Oxi black is a super strong layer bonded to the surface of the metal. We use this coating for most of our black stainless steel fasteners including our A4 316 grade stainless steel marine fasteners, as the surface bonding is excellent whilst giving a deep black colour.

Scratch resistant

CB10 is highly scratch resistance. In fact you would need to cut in to the metal surface to remove the coating. Stainless steel is almost twice as hard as mild steel, so this is the perfect coating for longevity.

Corrosion resistant

CB10 is also highly corrosion resistant as it does not effect the corrosion resistant properties of the stainless steel. We have tested our CB10 black A2-70 stainless steel bolts by leaving them outside for over 3 years in the north of England. Through 3 winters including the wettest December on record, there is still no sign of corrosion.