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Bolts - Common Bolt Types

Bolts - Hexagon Head BoltsHex Head bolts are used in construction, machinery and as a general purpose fastener. They can be secured with a nut or screwed into a tapped hole.  Also known as Hexcap screws, Hex bolts or Hexagon bolts. Fully threaded bolts are sometimes called Tap bolts or Set screws.

Bolts - Carriage Bolts - Coach BoltsCarriage Bolts commonly called Coach bolts have a domed head with a square neck under the head that stops the bolt from spinning whilst tightening with a nut. Used on gates and doors. Sometimes known as Mushroom head square neck bolts.

Bolts - Countersunk boltsCountersunk bolts or Flat head bolts are made to sit flush with the surface of the material being fastened to. A countersinking tool can be used to create the depression the bolt sits into. Sometimes a Cup washer can be used to raise the head above the surface.

Bolts - Hex Head Flange BoltsHex Head Flange bolts are Hex head bolts manufactured with a washer attached bellow the head known as a flange. This helps to spread the load of the bolts. Commonly used in the automotive industry and have a wide range of applications. 

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