Black Stainless Steel Long Shank Lifting Eye Bolt SKU: LONGLIFTEYEBOLTM6X60BLKA4Q1WEB1


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Black Stainless Steel Long Shank Lifting Eye Bolt

Black A4 Stainless Steel

Long Lifting Eye Bolt

D L1(mm) L2(mm) D1(mm)  W(mm) Working Load(kg) Breaking Load(kg)
M6 60 58 5 15 50 300
M8 80 70 6 20 370 1470
M10 100 88 8 25 577 2300
M12 120 10 30 832 3320


Loads and capacities mentioned are only indicative and not contractual.
Not allowed for traction or lifting.
None of these products have been developed or manufactured for lifting equipment, slings or load support devices (Directive 2006/42/EC).
As for the fall protection systems, our products DO NOT have the conformity certifying the verification of the requirements of the technical standard EN 795:2012 (fall protection systems Class A, C and D) and do not have the CE marking (eg. fall protection systems Class B and E).